What are good drinking games for a group of 4-7 friends to play?

What are good drinking games for a group of 4-7 friends to play?

Quenching the Thirst for Fun: Discover Great Drinking Games for Mid-Sized Groups

As someone who highly enjoys a good time with friends, and being a father to two ripper kids, Jeremey and Sadie, I've picked up a few tricks along the way. Almost as important as the beer itself is knowing how to enjoy it to the maximum and that, my friends, often involves a few well-chosen games. So, buckle up and prepare for a journey of laughter, lighthearted rivalry, and the occasional stumble as we traverse some of the finest drinking games for groups of 4-7 friends.

Beer Pong: A Classic Throwback to College Days

Okay, let's start with the classic Beer Pong. This timeless gem is something that takes many of us back to our university days, fondly recalling the flips, the misses, and the hilarity that ensued. The premise? Easy. The execution? That depends on how your aim holds up after a few beers! Now, any traditionalist worth their salt will swear by a game involving 6 or 10 cups on a side - however, for smaller groups of 4-7 mates, I propose a lesser-known variant of Beer Pong called "Three Man". For those of you not in the know, it maintains the system of Beer Pong, but with one crucial twist: only three cups on each side. This change adds pace and competition to each round, making it an absolute hoot. Remember, fill up your cups only to a safe limit, and enjoy the night responsibly. Drinking games are all about adding fun to your gatherings, not encouraging binge drinking.

Untangling the Fun with Drunk Waiter

If the sound of shattering glass is not your cup of tea, then perhaps Drunk Waiter is the game for you. This game, though slightly unusual, can lead to some of the funniest moments witnessed at a gathering with mates. The rules for the drunk waiter are simple: everyone holds their own full cup, and the game begins. After a couple of drinks, each player must try to maneuver a tray with six cups, filled to varying levels of course, without spilling any. It's hilarious, it's challenging, it's... okay, it's messy. But isn't that part of the fun? Be sure to have some extra towels on hand because you're going to need them! Fun fact - while you're already engaged in laughter and spills, you may not realize the game has a high energy expenditure, which can actually help to metabolize alcohol faster.

Dodge Beer, Embrace Thrills

Okay folks, buckle up. This game isn't for the faint of heart. Dodge Beer is exactly what it sounds like: a wild amalgamation of Dodgeball and Beer Pong. In this thrilling game, you’ll be ducking and diving while simultaneously trying to land that sweet shot into an opponent's beer cup. Players are split into teams, each with their own fortress (a table with beer cups) to defend from the enemy’s balls. One synchronised shout of "Dodge Beer!" sets the game into motion, chaos ensues, and the rest is a marvellous haze of laughter, shouting, and the occasional tumble. Yes, it can get somewhat chaotic, but amongst the right crowd, it's bound to be a hit. We once set this game up on one of our Perth beaches, and let's just say that while we might not have taken home gold in accuracy, we definitely won in fun.

The Mirth of Kings: A Game with a Royal Fun Factor

No list of drinking games is complete without the legend that is Kings. Also known as Kings Cup, this is an easy way to get the party started. Its charm lies in the variety - with each card representing a different rule to follow. Grab a deck of cards, a diverse group of mates, and in no time you'll have yourself a court full of Kings, all looking to avoid that last King card, the key to the dreaded King’s Cup. What's in it? Well, that depends on your friends' imagination, but it usually involves a concoction that would make even a seasoned drinks veteran wary. Amongst the laughing, rule-creating, and general hilarity, remember, Kings is a marathon, not a sprint. Pace your drinks, and enjoy the mirth this royal game provides.

Jenga Gets Lit: When Blocks and Beers Align

Yes, you read it right. That same old family favourite Jenga can also be the life of your party. Picture this - each block is assigned a type of drink or a mini-game which the player pulling said block must complete. The result? An evening filled with suspense, calculated risk, and riotous laughter. Now, this is a game that often results in a cascade of wooden blocks, and it’s not unheard of for sidelines to erupt in cheers as the stack teeters with each daring move. You think pulling out blocks was nerve-wracking? Try doing it when there's a shot on the line. Just last Christmas, our family game night turned into an uproarious session of Jenga Gets Lit, and let me tell you, Jeremey’s cautious pull at the brink of the tower's collapse, followed by the dread of a shot he dislikes, had all of us in fits of laughter.

Sip and Flip: Embrace the Spin in Flip Cup

And finally, we arrive at Flip Cup, possibly one of the simplest, yet most exciting drinking games out there. Two teams face each other with their cups and, when their turn arrives, must finish their drink and then attempt to flip the cup by flicking the rim. Sounds easy, right? You'd be surprised! Come round four or five, those seemingly simple cups begin to exhibit a willfulness that would surprise a rodeo bull, leading to repeated attempts, escalating laughter, and often, a thrilling race to the last flip. Combined with high energy and teams’ morale, Flip Cup truly earns a top spot in any drinking games list.

I hope these games add a zesty twist to your hangouts, enhance the camaraderie and provide hearty laughter all round. Remember, the essence of these games is not to drink excessively, but to amplify the fun and make unforgettable memories together. So grab your friends, your drink of choice and game on!

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