MAKI says this is Luke Enembe's gambling establishment in Manila

Jakarta -

The Indonesian Anti-Corruption Society (MAKI) said Papua Governor Lukas Enembe likes the main game in other countries. In addition to Singapore, there is the Philippines.

“The gambling places that Lukas Enembe subscribes to, for example at Solaire Resort and Casino in Manila, Genting Highland automatically in Malaysia and Singapore, are casinos in Crockford Sentosa until I have a photo of them, and there are also several, both for men as for women. Women, so the followers of Mr. Lukas Enembe are abroad,” Boyamin Saiman, coordinator of MAKI, told detikcom on Saturday (09/24/2022).

The Solaire Resort and Casino in Manila, Philippines is indeed one of the Asian gaming hubs. Located in Entertainment City, 1 Adeana Ave, Tambo, Manila, the Solaire Resort and Casino is already popular with players from all over the world.



The casino facilities that were built were really grand and luxurious. In addition, the complex ensures that players are pampered with all the games.

There are two categories of games namely board games and game clubs. The following details can be found on the official Solaire Resort and Casino website:

Solaire Resort and Casino Photo: (Solare Resort and Casino)

table games: 1. Baccarat Race 2. pontoon 3.Mega6 4. Baccarat 5. Roulette 7. Trilux Bonus Pontoon 8. Zombie Blackjack 9. Mini Roulette 10. Double Blackjack 11. Dragon Baccarat Bonus 12. Money Wheel 13. Moon Poker 14. Beat Blackjack 15. Lucky Ball Roulette 16. Black cat 17. Sic Bo 18. Sabong Cards 19. Caribbean Poker 20. Texas Hold'em 21. Dice 22. Three Card Poker 23. Super Six

Solaire Resort and Casino Photo: (Solare Resort and Casino)

gaming clubs:

1. Solarium Club

2. Player Stadium

3. Sports betting

The game is also facilitated by a luxurious VIP room.

Watch Luke Enembe's Video Disclosure on Gambling in Neighboring Countries [Image: 20-second video] (bnl/bnl)